In this project we take digital support of school-aged children and their caregivers a big leap forward, by not only monitoring their health, but also by providing privacy proof and mutual accepted and co-developed interactive e-health solutions (so-called ePartners), including robot buddies and virtual agents that enhance children’s health and well-being. There is both a large knowledge base in each individual partner, and much more to learn from each other and by combining our knowledge and technologies. These ePartners can help to prevent health problems in at-risk children, and it can help to recognize and treat health problems at an early-stage, thereby preventing deterioration of the problem. In this way, ePartners4All can help to create a more resilient society. Altogether, it could lead to lower healthcare utilization and, in the long run, a more resilient workforce with lower losses of productivity.
The ePartners4All project puts the consortium partners in an excellent position to generate more income which is beneficial for the Dutch economy. Our partners can exploit ePartner4All by embedding parts within their own applications, and/or by offering their (licensed) services via the platform. They will be able to generate more and higher licensing income and generate more customers in different markets, as well as in different countries.