The TNO Child Health expertise area focuses on preventive care forchildren approached from a holistic view; i.e. with an eye for the connection between physical, social and psychological problems of thechild in his/her own context, and at the intersection between prevention, care and cure. By focusing on early prevention and flexible and integrated care for young people from -10 months to 23years, we contribute to the healthy and safe growth of children. The Child Health expertise area has the knowledge to play an important role in the health and psychosocial issues surrounding youth. Digitization is increasingly playing a facilitating role in this.

BFH adds the view of health professions to the consortium. A profound knowledge of the Swiss health care system will be brought to theproject. As a department, BFH has an excellent track record inresearch related to nursing, physical therapy, nutrition anddietetics and midwifery. Interprofessional research is of particular relevance to us. Stakeholder or user involvement, respectively, iskey in our research. BFH’s vast experience in this methodology, consolidated in the Competence Centre Participatory Health Care, will thus strengthen the consortium with regard to the co-creation process envisaged. 

Anke works as a postdoctoral researcher at the LUMC at the departmentof Public Health and Primary Care, as well as the National eHealthLiving Lab (NeLL). Her background is in clinical and health psychology with specific expertise on eHealth, psychology, health behaviour change, self-management and primary care. Her research focuses on the development, evaluation and implementation of a broad range of innovative eHealth tools in the context of primary and secondary care.

Topicus is a leading Dutch company in three focus domains TopicusHealthcare (team Public Health), TopicusEducation (digital classroomassistant ParnasSys)and TopicusSocial Services. By these various solutions we add value toEureka. More specifically:

- Topicus offers a digital health record system for children and a connected portal for their caregivers.
- In the educational domain Topicus offers a digital classroom assistant for primary (and secondary) schoolchildren
- In the social domain Topicus delivers for various municipalities the platform Gidso which provides communication between citizens and municipality and facilitates access to eHealthsolutions.

MedVision is a highly innovative SME with very specific expertise in the field of Electronic Health Records, standardization and security. The company’s goal is to accelerate transformation of traditional health care based on averages and anecdotal evidence towards predictive, personalized medicine.

One of the brands of MedVision is MedRecord - certified, open and vendor neutral digital health platform for accessing patient data from mobile health and clinical devices, wearables and applications. With our growing ECO system of customers and partners -that include health IT vendors, health information systems, wellness companies, providers, pharmaceutical companies and CROs to the continuously expanding list of digital health technologies, MEDrecord enables healthcare companies to better coordinate care, improve engagement strategies and more efficiently manage their populations.

InteractiveRobotics is a software company based in the Netherlands, founded in 2016, by researchers in the field of Human-Robot-Interaction and affective computing from Delft University of Technology. We offer an online content and sharing platform for social robot applications.Our cloud-based software solution facilitates interaction between social robots and humans in an intuitive way. We provide solutions for nursing and care homes, hospitals and home care. Features include:

•Create added value quickly and intuitively with social robots in education and healthcare

•Hundreds of sample applications for free in an online library

•Music from the past, interactive presentations, dances and movement exercises

•Create new robot applications quickly and intuitively without any technical knowledge through visual programming

•Support for multiple types of social robots

•1-on-1use or in small groups

•Safe and easy management of robots and users from a European cloud

•Easily scale up numbers of users and robots

Our platform offers support for different types of social robots and our focus markets are both education and healthcare.

Constribution to the project:

•Knowledge on the development of social robot applications in education and healthcare setting

•Provide a cloud platform on which to develop and run social robot application

•Expand the cloud-based architecture to facilitate running the tests with social robots and end-users as envisioned within the project

•Providean API enabling content modules developed by other partners to easily connect with the robots

•Develop the social robot applications as envisioned within the project in collaboration with consortium partners and end-users.

Knowledge and experience with data / AI and individual profile, personal advice and interventions focused on prevention and empowerment.Paediatrician and / or other professional can be the Xpert in the virtual clinic / digital intervention that gives 24-hours per day in realtime advice. Integration of these expertise in the ePartners4All solution for personal guidance of the children and caregivers through questionnaires, data sources etc. so that the professional can use it to provide personal help.

DelftUniversity of Technology (DUT) is the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. DUT has 8 faculties which offer 16 bachelors and more than 30 masters programmes. More than 25,000 students and 6,000 employees of DUT share a fascination for science, design and technology. The mission of DUT: impact for a better society.

The research interest of Catharine Oertel lies on understanding and modelling human interaction to build socially aware conversational agents able to engage with people in a human-like manner. She usesmulti-modal social signal processing to estimate conversational dynamics and generate attentive and affective dialogue behaviours in the agent or robot. Much of her research has also focused on modelling interaction with and in groups, either in the context of unconstrained or “in the wild” social talk.

Expertise on and experience with value sensitive design; the modelling, design and evaluation of social AI, such as conversational agent; and combining symbolic reasoning and machine learning for personalized enduring behaviour change support.

EyewareTech SA (“Eyeware”) develops eye tracking software for cars, smartphones, laptops and more. We enable attention sensing for a widerange of applications, including driver monitoring, gaming and shopper research. We propose a new approach that combines machine learning and computer vision, with the following advantages:

  • Remote sensing: by using AI, our technology copes with low resolution data,working well at long distance.

  • Multi-persontracking: we can track multiple people at the same time with only one sensor.

  • Hardware agnostic: it works out of the box, with any sensor type or brand: 3D(preferred), 2D, or infrared.

Onthe technological side, Eyeware brings to the project a unique knowhow on eye tracking technology targeted to consumer devices (laptops, phones, tablets). Their commercial interest led Eyeware to package their solution into a performant SDK that can be integrated into Windows, Linux and iOS platforms. In addition, Eyeware has builtend-user applications targeted to biometrics research, gaming and streaming. This expertise and solutions will allow partners to build eye-tracking enabled applications with little effort.


The expertise of Therapieland, located in Amsterdam, lies at the intersection of mental health care and the development of technology to optimise care. Therapieland develops and provides digital tools to complement treatments in mental healthcare, occupational healthcare, general practitioner care and self-helpto match individual health care needs. There are now four products on the market: blended and self-help online programmes and training courses; video calling; a questionnaire portal; and VRscenarios.

We work together with professionals in the health care sector. Currently, more than 5000 psychologists and 2500 POH-GGZs work with Therapieland and there are more than 250,000 active users.More than half of the Dutch GPs work with our platform and our network consists of local government, large institutions and companies. We work with urban organisations, such as universities (TU Delft, Radboud University, Erasmus University and Maastricht University) and local governments (such as the municipalities of Rotterdam and Hoorn and the province of South Holland). We also work with ‘wijkteams’ (district management teams) in local municipalities and are involved in projects such as ‘Vraagwijzer’in Rotterdam and ‘Samen Beter’ on vital regions. 

The ePartner4All project fits well with the mission of Therapieland: we want to empower 100.000.000 people all over the world to become mentally resilient.


We have an extensive network by serving different markets (GGZ,social domain, general practitioner care, hospital care,occupational healthcare, educational institutes) 

  • We have created an interactive digital environment for clients, experts and the social environment

  • We have 70+ child-and youth e-health interventions and growing, developed with our own content development team existing of six psychologists and experts in the field, produced with our own video and animation team 

  • We have developed questionnaires that can be employed for monitoring purposes by health care professionals

  • We have knowledge (data) about the effectiveness and level of engagement of our programs

  • We have experience in effective implementations of new interventions through training and extended relationship management

  • We have performed extensive market and user research and are developing a mental health assessment tool for GPs to better match the needs of the clients with possible interventions

  • We are a research minded company, having our own research & innovation lab called ‘IJ-lab’ with eight employees consisting of research, data, design and innovation experts

  • We are an innovative, future driven company that is highly invested in being part of upcoming trends in the mental health care market with a user centered strategy 

The Idiap Research Institute (IDIAP ) is an independent, not-for-profit, research institute located in Martigny (Switzerland), and affiliated with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédéralede Lausanne (EPFL), and the University of Geneva. Primarily funded by the Federal Government, the State of Valais, and the City ofMartigny, IDIAP is involved in numerous national and international(EU and US) projects, as well as in multiple collaborative projects with the industry. With a research staff of more than 80 scientists (including EPFL professors/lecturers, seniors, postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and developers), IDIAP is involved in R&D activities in the areas of AI and statistical machine learning including deep learning, speech and audio processing, computer vision, biometrics, robotics, multi-modal interactions, social computing and multiple multi-modal research activities across these disciplines. As part of its core missions, Idiap is also very active in academic training as well as in technology transfer, through collaboration with various industries, or through direct spin-off (and its incubator IdeArk S.A).

The project will primarily be based in the Perception and Activity Understanding group with collaboration from other groups like the social computing group, which are involved in computer vision, audio processing, applied machine learning, and the computational modelling of audio-visual human communication for a range of applications, from human-robot interactions, to the analysis of social interactions and social assessment.